The Elite membership is an exclusive 12-month private coaching program in internet marketing and personal development and is structured to take your online marketing knowledge to the next level. You get the opportunity to attend interactive monthly webinars, where senior members of the SFM along with its founders (Stuart and Jay) share best practices on promoting products on the internet. These webinars help you overcome obstacles that most Internet marketers encounter, thus giving you an advantage. This program is designed to demystify online entrepreneurship by empowering people with the knowledge to begin or advance their online journey.

The Elite program also offers sessions in personal development where you’re allowed to participate and commit to deliverables (if you’d like to) that are reviewed on a weekly/fortnightly basis. This is where you learn a lot!

You will have access to an exhaustive vault of educational videos and instructions, which is aimed at accelerating your learning process. In the industry, you’d typically pay a lot of money for this kind of content (thousands of dollars per month) and to get access to this level of training and mentorship.


What you’ll get at Elite:

State-of-the-art Affiliate Tools

SFM Digital Business System

Recurring Live Webinars

Business System Certification

Intro to Marketing Technology

Exhaustive Training

World-Class Support

Live Events in the US, UK and AUS

Exclusive Elite Training Courses

Increased Income Potential For Affiliates

Price of the Elite membership is USD $2500 for 1 year paid annually.


To become an Elite member, you should already be a Basic member and submit an application to be approved to join.